Factors That Help Shape Elie's Identity

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There are a few factors that help shape Elie’s identity. His faith is the biggest part of his life that shaped his identity. His relationship with his family helped to shape his identity. Moshe the Beadle helped shape Elie’s identity by helping him with studying the Kabbalah. Moshe the Beadle was also a role model and a father figure to Elie. Elie describes himself is deeply religious.

Elie is a young boy who lives in Sighet with his family. He is the only son, he has three sisters. Elie mentions that he is closest to his mother. Elie would like to be closer to his father. But Eliezer’s father focuses his time and energy on the people within the community instead of his own family. When they first arrived at Auschwitz Elie is left with his

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