Factors That Impact On Care In Today's Society

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Explore the factors which impact on care in today’s UK society Care is such a crucial part of our society today as we have an aging population where by more people are going to live longer due to the advances in medicine and scientific discoveries. However, there are many factors that affect how care is given in the UK as care givers our striving to meet expectations, regularities and maintain a certain level of care at all times. One of the factors that are impacting on care in today’s society is how short staffed hospitals and care homes are. The world population Is rapidly growing and it estimated to grow from the years 2000-2050 it is estimated that this world’s population over 60 will double from 11%-22%. This means that the demand for care and medical assistance is going to increase, but the question is: do we have the facilities to cater for an expanding population? Despite the expanding population, the fact that many care homes are having to close due to the lack of nursing staff means that they are having to rely on short term agency staff. There were recently…show more content…
Pressure on ambulance services and A&E waiting times are caused by the rise in older people with complex chronic diseases. But also, because people ring ambulances to get a quick response for medical attention when it was not necessarily necessary for one. Some A&Es have closed permanently due to a lack of staff thus meaning that hospitals are receiving patients from larger areas than they were designed for. By putting a strain on the ambulance service means that severe cases where an ambulance is needed the time it takes to get an ambulance to them may be affected if ambulances are being wasted on unnecessary call

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