Factors That Affect Children's Learning

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Introduction There are many factors that influence a child’s level of education and the way a child would obtain an education. These factors are known as socio economic factors and can influence the overall learning of a child. Factors such as sustained poverty, lack of parental recognition and involvement, culture of the family and language and communication barriers are just some of the factors that can impact a child’s learning. Due to these factors a child may experience many barriers that overall impact effective learning and development for the child. In many modern day households, a child’s education is of highest priority as it provides one the child with opportunities that would help increase their standard of living. There are however…show more content…
When families aren’t able to constantly provide food or resources needed for a child to learn they end up hampering their performance in the school environment. Children in situations like these would look to satisfy their basic needs before catering to their need to obtain an education. It is shown that children in households with higher income rates are more likely to obtain a higher quality of education as they are provided with their basic needs.…show more content…
One should realise that an active involvement by parents towards a pupil’s education plays a critical role in effective learning and development. As the primary care givers of their children, parents are the central resource to any education system. Effective learning is usually threatened in situations where parents do not participate in their children’s education and this may hinder development. Children tend to be more involved in tasks which there parents are actively involved in. This acts as a form of encouragement towards their education. Language and Communication The medium of teaching, especially in South Africa can impact effective learning greatly as many pupils aren’t taught in their first language. This not only places the learner at a disadvantage but leads to linguistic difficulties that contributes to learning breakdown. Educators also find it difficult to develop appropriate support mechanisms that would assist learners who struggle with the language barrier. Learners automatically aren’t interested in any subject material that you communicate to them if they do not understand the properly the medium in which one delivers the content. Communication in any form is essential when educating and development

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