Factors That Influence Brand Choice

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In today’s fiercely competitive world, it is very important for the marketers to discover and figure out the aspects that are essential to deal with the competitors, changing customer tastes and preferences. The intense competition in terms of product similarity and increased number of competing brands in the market have led the marketers to consider and study the factors that are influential in consumers’ brand choice decisions and behaviors (Das, 2012).
For marketers, youth market is one of the most appealing and attractive market, as they believe to earn a huge return on their investments by targeting this age group. Youths, nowadays, are considered to have more pull/[power] in their key family decisions and purchases. Hence, a major center of firm’s marketing actions is towards these young consumers and they concentrate much on the factors underlying the buying behavior and brand choice.
Investigating the factors that influence brand choice can be an interesting topic for the researchers to study as they can examine the key elements that are vital in choosing a particular brand over the others. This research paper attempts to analyze the determinants of brand choice in the context of young consumers’ market. The research is conducted under the background of mobile phones market. The reason behind choosing the mobile phone market with respect to focus on youths in determining brand choice is twofold: firstly, mobile phones are widely used by youths all over the world and
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