What Factors Influence Career Decision Making

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College is a period for enhancing one’s knowledge, abilities, experiencing and discovering new things. It is viewed as something that can be helpful in shaping the capabilities of students, their perceptions and beliefs. But choosing the career path of students nowadays is hard to make because of some factors that influence their career decision making. “In the wise choice of a vocation there are three broad factors: (1) a clear understanding of yourself, your aptitudes, abilities, interests, ambitions, resources, limitations, and knowledge of their causes; (2) a knowledge of the requirements, conditions of success, advantages and disadvantages, compensation, opportunities, and prospects in different lines of work; (3) true reasoning on the…show more content…
Career decision making is important in Grade 12, the students begin to engage in exploration in their career and decision making this is the stressful time because Grade 12 students may attempt to take a responsibility for making a career decision and have enough time to think to avoid a wrong choice. Grade 12 is an important year to make a decision that will affect their future career after Senior High School. Since Grade 12 students are starting to think about their interests in career planning and make a decision for their better life. This study helps them how to make a right decision. The purpose of this study is to understand that career making decision is not easy, it requires patience and enough time to think to assure that your decision is good for you or not. To know the big impact of the factors that influence the career decision making it will help the Grade 12 students to choose the right thing to do in terms of career decision. Parents, friends, personal interest, and the decision will guide you how to make a good decision especially making the career decision and to improve the quality of life. This study is important to know the positive and negative effects of the variables to Grade 12 students when making a career decision. Also, making a career decision is one of the most important parts for a Grade 12 students to start a journey towards a long-term career in their life. It is significant because that is what they need to do to support their lives. This is the time when your goals, imagination, and dreams will turn into

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