Fmcg's Marketing Strategy

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Today, in any product market, it has turned out to be very enthralling to understand the consumers, their thought process and the way they endeavor to fulfill their needs. It has happened because of the rapidly evolving technologies, lifestyle and therefore the business environment. Therefore it has become essential for the marketers to understand What drives consumers to pick a particular product with respect to others, how consumers make the purchase decisions, before an effective and compelling marketing strategy could be designed. The process of purchasing even small items is very detailed there are various factors that impacts buyer’s choice in choosing the product they want to purchase for. Some of the factors that influence the consumer…show more content…
It is easy to attract the buyers and influence them through better advertising and promotion to pick a specific product but if after buying the product the consumer finds it less–effective or faces quality compromise then it would certainly affect the consumer’s buying behavior and next time the consumer will try other alternative product. In the event that customer 's post buy experience is great then it will be in FMCG 's advantage. A satisfied consumer will talk about the product to his or her loved ones and verbal attention is the most ideal approach to win public support where as a dissatisfied consumer will warn other 's from choosing a particular product and they may even file a complaint in consumer forum. Such negative post purchase behavior of a consumer may ruin the image of a company and product.
After sale service and immediate replacement of defectives are the like are the most critical factors for the brand or product to win a good name and repeat purchases and these elements impacts the purchasing decision of the product. These days, manufacturers or companies do not want a customer to buy their product just once however to continue purchasing their product for that to happen every one of the sellers must give greater importance to after sale service as
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The initial ‘awareness’ of a brand is achieved when the media is been browsed. A trial purchase is usually achieved from sales promotion, offering a promotion over social media is extremely effective because consumers are likely to share the promotion with other people on their social media, creating a viral marketing affect. Following the trial purchase, Ehrenberg believes that what happens post-purchase is extremely important; this is where reinforcement and nudging comes into place. To gain the most out of advertising on Facebook and/or Twitter, companies must attempt to regain the customer’s attention using constant pop up adverts, posts, banners, new promotions etc. – these have the potential to refresh the brand in the consumer’s mind which may lead to future purchases. Repeat purchasing gives brands a better chance of making their way into the consumer’s ‘evoked set’, which is a set of brands from a product category that the consumer frequently buys over other
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