Factors That Influence Hair Growth

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40 Powerful Home Remedies for Hair Growth That Work Wonders
By Tiffani
All women want to have long, thick and lustrous hair. All ages from the oldies to teenagers, love their hair, as it has a vital role in framing their looks and face. Everyone tries to get long, strong and luscious hair that is also shiny. Unfortunately, people commonly suffer from hair falling, hair loss, and inhibited hair growth. The reasons for these is pollution, hectic lifestyles and mixed hair care products. If you desire a safe, effective and easy solution to your hair growth issues, this is the article to help you.
What Are the Most Important Factors That Influence Hair Growth?
The way and extent of your hair growth is dependent on a few factors as well as how they
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And many of them appear to be not in our control. Thus, you need to keep your focus on maintaining care of your hair using natural hair remedies and an appropriate diet and supplements as these are the ones that mostly are within your sphere of control. The fact that home remedies are cheap, gives you an added benefit to using them. It is the proverbial to having your cake as well as the cherry on top!
There are a lot of natural treatments that have awesome results if used for hair growth. Each has been discussed comprehensively below.
Home Remedies for Hair Growth
1. Biotin
2. Vitamins
3. Best Oils
4. Fish Oil
5. Protein Powder
6. Inversion Method
7. Moringa
8. Wheatgrass
9. Potato
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Best Oils For Hair Growth
(a) Coconut Oil for Hair Growth
You Will Need
Virgin coconut oil
What You Have to Do
1. Heat the oil and use it to massage the entire scalp.
2. Leave it in overnight and wash out the hair the following morning.
How Often You Should Do This
Coconut oil can be applied when you wash your hair each time. However, two times a week is advised.
Why This Works
This hair growth treatment is one of the top natural hair conditioners. The oil is high in potassium and maintains the scalp’s health, encourages new hair growth, and regenerates damaged hair. It also makes dandruff, hair loss, and hair breaking less. For damaged hair, coconut oil can be used to do a preconditioning hair treatment. (b) Vitamin E Oil for Hair Growth
You Will Need
7-8 vitamin E capsules
What You Have to Do
1. Carefully prick the capsules open and move the oil inside into a small bowl.
2. Use the oil to massage your scalp
3. Let it sit overnight
4. Use a gentle shampoo the next day to wash your hair to make it soft and smooth.
How Often You Should Do This
Use this oil two times a week.
Why This

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