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Individual behaviour in an organization is performance of individual, their attitudes, modes and emotions in any kind of organizational settings. The relationship among human behaviours, organizational settings and the attitudes, modes and emotions of a person has long been of a central concern to researchers of organizational behaviour, who already strated research in the topic of emotions of the workplace as (Gibson 2006) says . In other word, it can be said that the researchers have started looking for how organizations affect individuals ' emotions of an anger, fear, joy, happiness, violence, bitterness etc. and establishes your attitude positively or negatively and leads you to different modes of life or the other way around.
Each organization
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He says that emotions come as a result of environment of organization which compel an employee to go in a certain mood (either positive or negative) and behave accordingly. The observeable behavior, perception and a reaction or response in certain thing or environment is called attitude. Such reaction establishes certain need and it is met by responses of employee his/herself and organizational. Most often, negative responses are more harmful than positive responses so that changes can be done. Environment is prominent factor that influences in the emotions, moods and attitudes and promotes stimulus and responses, which allow huge amount of flexibility in adjusting environmental differences. Emotions depend on influence of environment and where there is strong emotions that produce quick behavior and if fragile emotions that delayed behavior.
Linkage between Emotions and Behaviour. Baumeister et al. (2010, p. 120) says that there are two theories of emotions and Behaviour.
The first theory was that emotions directly causes behavior and direct causation of behavior is a principal function of emotions. For instance: fear causes a person to run away. This view is connected with personal experience. Similarly, another example, frustration might stimulate aggression and love might cause people to engage in sex. As a result, the purpose and function of emotions are to act in a particular way for particular reason.
The second theory, in

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