Factors That Influence Leadership Styles

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Understanding leadership Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations Leaders are performing different styles of leadership, as each leader maintain to develop her/his own personal style. Many factors may influence the style a leader uses. Some of the factors may create naturally, while others are a product of the leader's environment. Some leaders may need to improve their leadership style to follow to a changing culture. a. Personality Traits: A leadership style may become an expansion of the leader's personality. If a person is outgoing and assertive, he/she may prefer to connect directly with his/her subordinates’ either face-to-face connection or confrontation, either…show more content…
When the team understands the daily task as well as the leader understands the same task they will learn to accept leader’s leadership style. Sharing the SMART objectives with the team members will create trust in the leader’s leadership style. Certain types of work may require different types of leadership style. If the leadership style used helps to achieve strategic goals, group members will be more likely to follow this leadership style as positive. moreover, if a manager gets positive results from his leadership style he will be preferring to use that style in the future. Regardless of Leadership style certain types of leadership behavior can have a positive effect on an individual or group. Firstly, a leader must be dependable. If he possesses this behavior a team member will be more confident and trust him to do what they decide. Integrity is important behavioral trait which a leader should follow. Honesty and transparency, or an adherence to moral and good behavior principles will be respected by employees. This will in turn have a positive effect on individuals and the…show more content…
HR head, appointed the Institute for Employment Studies to conduct a bespoke strengths-focused coaching scheme for the HR leadership team. The aim was to support the leaders through this difficult time and re-build their confidence and help develop them. For six-month of training, the focus of the individual sessions was on helping the leaders understand the tasks. Using a psychometric tool developed by the Strengths Partnership, they identified areas where they were strongest, a process that was helped them to develop the performance. The coaching sessions were held as well to motivate the leaders to open up and to distance them from their jobs. As well as helping participants to determine their strengths. Feedback on the coaching sessions was positive; the leaders now feel more comfortable about their abilities. As they said: that the training gave them a clear understanding of my strengths and the activities doing at work, as well as those find more challenging. It helped them step back from difficult situations and view them more
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