Factors That Influence Plant Reproduction

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1. There many factor influence plant reproduction like Meiosis, pollination, fertilization and some more I will explain them one by one follow:

Plants by mitosis and cell division of the plant itself creates two identical copies, this process is called daughter cells. Each daughter cell to obtain a complete copy of the genetic material contained in its parent unit.
Although the rise of plants can be propagated vegetative. For example, by plant root cutting or dry cutting, and a new plant will be emerge, most plants pollinated by sexual reproduction. During pollination, carrying the male sperm pollen is carried by insects or animals to the female part of the plant where the gametes into contact with the female ovule. This can happen in two plants (cross-pollination) or within the same plant (self-pollination) between. Sexual organs of a plant sexual reproduction are included in what is commonly known as the flower.
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And female flower parts, when a tube extending down from the pollen and the female part, an attempt to reach the female plant ovule .In some plants, the tube can be reduced up to 12 inches from the extension of pollen. When it reaches the egg gametes through the pollen tube fertilization inside the ovule. In other types of plants, including a female member by the way they fertilized egg cell sperm flagellum a swimming watery fluid.
Seed dispersal
Rose flowers or ripe fruit has been removed, the main carrier of seed dispersal in birds rose. Rose fleshy fruit attractive to birds and prickly seed is discarded or passed through the bird's digestive system unharmed
Appearance of Cotyledons, Development of Root System, Growth of Plant, Reproduction
1. Seed germination and continued growth into a mature plant. After the plant has grown to maturity, it produces its own flowers for pollination and

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