Family Homicide Causes

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Register to read the introduction…Some of those factors include, family orientation, socio-economic status, and social structures or demographics. Diem and Pizarro (2010) discussed the relationship between social structures and family homicides or familicides and how these types of homicides are brought on by demographics within the household. Diem and Pizarro (2010) additionally discussed the broadly different types of family homicide such as the murder of a parent by an offspring (parricide), the murder of offspring by parent (filicide), the murder of a sibling (siblicide) and murder of a spouse (intimate partner homicide). There are a number of theoretically known causes that lead to family homicide such as, jealousy, stress, rivalry and a disruption within the…show more content…
Family structure has an enormous influence within the cohesion of a particular family. Disrupts in that cohesion, such as divorce, adultery and death can lead to serious life changing dynamics (Tcherni, 2011). Pizarro and Diem (2010) discussed the positively correlated relationship between adultery and family homicides and the majority of their research focused on adultery with the offender’s spouse and the offender’s sibling. Socio-economic status has been seen as a major influence in family violence and homicides. One study shows that individuals living below the line of poverty and individuals who live high within our societies tend to commit the most homicides based on provoking patterns within their lifestyles (Tcherni, 2011). In addition, family orientation also plays a vital role within family violence and homicides. Tcherni (2011) reviewed that hierarchal status within a household, such as parents favoring one sibling over the other, can lead to jealousy and rivalry between those siblings, thus causing underlying motives for the unflavored child to become the favored child. Based on the evidence to support Tcherni’s (2011) study, disruption of family structure, socio-economic status and family orientation all play a key role in…show more content…
The series focuses on a close-knit group of friends, who all encounter challenging obstacles as they grow up together. They are faced with betrayal, hurt and ultimately death throughout the entire series. Homicidal jealousy is one of the key deviant behaviors exemplified within two episodes throughout this series. These episodes highlight the effects of sibling rivalry and how it is linked to homicidal

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