Factors That Lead To The Causes Of Homicidal Jealousy In The United States

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Homicidal Jealousy There are numerous factors that contribute to the aspect of homicides. Some of those factors include, family orientation, socio-economic status, and social structures or demographics. Diem and Pizarro (2010) discussed the relationship between social structures and family homicides or familicides and how these types of homicides are brought on by demographics within the household. Diem and Pizarro (2010) additionally discussed the broadly different types of family homicide such as the murder of a parent by an offspring (parricide), the murder of offspring by parent (filicide), the murder of a sibling (siblicide) and murder of a spouse (intimate partner homicide). There are a number of theoretically known causes that lead to family homicide such as, jealousy, stress, rivalry and a disruption within the household. In their review on the nature and prevalence rate of family homicides in the United States, Liem, Levin, Holland and Fox (2013) explained that the majority of offenders were Caucasian males, who committed an act of violence towards their female spouses. In societies today, it is a natural instinct for individuals to automatically identify males as being the perpetrator and females being the victim, which is true for most cases. Within the results of their literature, Liem et al. (2013) discovered out of 629 retrieved cases involving family homicides, 33% of the cases were intimate partner related and the other 67% of cases discovered were

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