Factors That Led Up To The Zoot Suit Riots Of 1943

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Significant contributing factors that led up to the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 include the Sleepy Lagoon Murder, false News, and the zoot suits themselves. The Sleepy Lagoon Murder took place in 1942 in rural Los Angeles, in what is now Bell, California. Hank Leyvas and his girlfriend Dora Barrios had been assaulted and severely beaten by an enemy neighborhood. The next day, Hank recruited reinforcement and headed over to the Williams ranch to seek revenge. There, Hank and his gang wreaked havoc on an ongoing birthday party, resulting in the death of an innocent boy named José Díaz. Hank and his crew were jailed, but later released due to a biased judge, a lack of evidence, and the denial of counsel. This factor had clearly provided fuel for the
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