Factors That Motivate Employees In Marriott Hotel

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RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1. What factors motivate the employees in Marriott Hotel Manila to remain in the company? 2. What is the relationship between factors that motivates the employees and retention? 3. What are the implications of factors in job satisfaction to the employee turnover rate of the Hotel? INTRODUCTION Move 1.A. Establishing a research territory An employee is one of the most important assets in the hospitality industry particularly in a hotel. They contribute half of the hotel’s whole operating cycle. An employee according to Chen et al. (2010) plays a big role to the company’s success in hospitality industry. Major hotel companies nowadays are promoting the virtue of taking care of people. They focus on building good relationship with their employee and in return, their people will give genuine and personal service to the customers that other competitors in the industry may not copy (Gautam, 2005). Herewith, the concept of retention seems to be one of the major concerns in the hospitality industry particularly in service industry (Khan et al., 2011). Retention tends to become the key to the success of hotel companies (Chen et al., 2010). Move 1.B. Review of Related Literature Several studies in the past were conducted relating to hotel’s employee retention. Retention as defined in the study of Khan et al. (2011) “a systematic effort to create and foster an environment that encourages employees to remain employed by having policies and practices in place that
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