Factory Farming Effects

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According to dosomething.org, a global organization, the pollution caused by the farms cause many types of illnesses such as nausea depression, and possibly death. The affects the farms have on humans are the least of our problems compared to the environment. It instituted when Americans wanted a better way to grow their food that was cheaper, faster to grow, and easier to take care of. Even though farmers are cultured, and know how to keep the environment safe, industrial farming is bad because it wastes money and it harms the water supply. Farmers misuse their money with all the extra things they don’t necessarily need for their farm. Throughout time farmers wanted to change their ways to make life easier, with all the things that animals/crops…show more content…
Farms grow in many ways, but as they grow the water used is not put in the correct disposal. The effects, "Water pollution from industrial farms aren’t only damaging the environment and kills wildlife, but it can also sicken and kill people" (GRACE). There is a whole life ahead of them, don 't take that away. Secondly, "Waste from these farms is released directly into the ocean" (Lindsay). If the population wants to survive, stop killing the food people eat, everything is traced to water. Lastly, "Once this water is polluted with animal waste, polluted with antibiotics, hormones and bacteria that it cannot be returned to the water system" (One Green Planet). Yet some of it still gets in the system, there is no good way to get rid of that water so why create it at all. Farmers should take better care of the water they pollute and what they do with it…show more content…
Any pollution put in the water causes some effect that will harm another object, a cow drank the water, they kill the cow, they eat the cow, now it is in Americans. They say farmers, "are highly educated college graduates, community leaders, and experts in science and technology. Most are trained in humane animal husbandry and environmental sciences and spend great amounts of time, money and other resources, ensuring that their operations do not harm the environment" (ProCon). Although many people are smart, why do it at all, this is just something to make money, do it the correct way and reward will come, do it the wrong way and the opposite comes. As well, "Contrary to the assertions of some, it would be incorrect to presume that all or even most [Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations] experience actual discharges to navigable waters" (ProCon). Farmers cannot prove where they put the water, but all water sources are connected. "To run the flushing systems that clean excrement off the floors of dairy farms, 150 gallons of water are required per cow, every single day" (One Green Planet). Take 150 times 365 and it is over 54,750 gallons of water per year.Farmers should know what they put in their water and how badly it affects the animals and people living near

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