Factory Farming In The Ocean Essay

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Threw many studies and research it has been proved that the meat industry is at fault for contaminating our oceans and rivers. It is been noted that the meat industry is at fault for the runoff that is dumped into the rivers and the millions of gallons of manure that is dumped into rivers, oceans and lagoons. As well as endangering the well being of sea creatures.

According to the article Devil in the deep blue sea by Brian Palmer, the rainfall washes massive amount of fertilizers into the water “Rains wash excess fertilizer from farms into interior waterways, which eventually empty into the ocean.”. One of the waterways that has indulged the excessive amount of fertilizer is the mississippi river “At the mouths of rivers, such as the Mississippi,
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by Brett Garling from the Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance, states that factory farming contributes to the sea temperature rising and ocean acidification because the rising of atmospheric temperature is also rising global ocean temperatures, that leads to the widespread of coral bleaching. He says this is a problem because bleaching slows down coral growth which makes them vulnerable to catch a disease, and later leads to large-scale reef die-off(Garling). Also Garling states that a “greater concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing the acidity of the global ocean,handicapping the extensive roster of marine organisms that build shells or…show more content…
Garling also notes that in 1995 an eight-acre hog waste lagoon in North Carolina burst, and that it spilled 25 million gallons of manure into the New River. “The spill killed about 10 million fish and closed 364,000 acres of coastal wetlands to

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