Argument Against Factory Farming

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Every year over 56 billion farmed animals are killed by humans. This shocking statistic is the result of the factory farming system that has plagued the world, America especially. Factory farming is a system that began in the early 1900’s that is focused on farming animals in large numbers in a very small amount of time. The animals in these factory farms are often forced into confined spaces and inhumane conditions. Pigs are kept in small cages called gestation crates where they are unable to move or grow. Chickens are grown to be slaughtered in 42 days, resulting in their bodies being unable to support their size, leading to organ failure and death. These cruel conditions lead to sickness being easily spread throughout the farms, resulting…show more content…
Part of the problem is the lack of restraint on the practices that these food companies are allowing to occur. One of the reasons for this being true is the fact that many ex-representatives of food companies are now working for the government. Subsequently, these government leaders are allowing these atrocities to be committed because they like to see their industry grow and they like to see these farms make money. This corrupt government system needs to stop and there has to be people in it who care about our environment, our food, and our people. This would include placing stricter regulations on what kinds of environments industrial farmers are allowed to put their animals in, mandating more CDC assessments on farms and their animals, and inflicting harsher punishments on the companies that break their rules and go against…show more content…
Industrial farm owners no longer care about the welfare of animals, rather choosing to focus only on how fast and how many are being produced. For example, 8.5 billion chickens are killed every year for their meat, and another 300 million are used in egg production. Many of these chickens suffer from severe physical disabilities due to genetic manipulation and are strategically bred to lay eggs in high volume or to have the “maximum” amount of breast meat. Chickens are also forced into small, indoor spaces by the thousands where they’re deprived of light and fresh air. Many of them are debeaked to prevent them from attacking each other out of fear and panic. These harsh conditions don’t only apply to chickens though. At just two to three weeks old, pigs are removed from their mothers and are forced into large, windowless sheds without sunlight or outdoor exercise. Cows raised for meat still generally live outside, but they are still abused, branded, castrated, and have their horns removed without pain killers. If the habitats that these animals are being kept in and the treatment of them was better, it would result in many things. One of them being a steep decrease in the amount of disease that is being spread across these animals and the people who eat them. If we allowed animals to live and thrive in their natural habitats, their space wouldn’t be as

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