Factory Farming Research Paper

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“The more exposure people have to the realities of factory farming, the more we will see people rejecting it. It's already happening”(Jonathan Safran Foer). Factory farming has been going on since the 1900’s. Factory Farming is the production of livestock in large quantities for uses such as food supplies. Factory Farming is damaging to the animals, our bodies, and the environment. Life for animals in a factory farm is inhumane. Some of the equipment used on factory farms are “battery cages- they used to confine poultry that can be stacked in rows and columns. Most battery cages measure between forty-eight and sixty-eight square inches and are too small for birds to spread their wings”(Factory Farming: An Overview from Sally Driscoll and David…show more content…
This is in more than one way that they are harming they cause air pollution: “ the fossil fuels used in energy, transportation, and synthetic pesticides/fertilizers emits 90 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. On a lesser note, factory farming also releases harmful compounds like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia that can cause immediate negative health effects in humans”(5 Ways Factory Farming is Killing the Environment by Kate last name N/A). If the factory farming keeps going and keeps damaging our environment it could cause some really big issues because it will cause more depletion of the ozone layer. Another way that the factory farms are causing harm to our environment is by water pollution: “Industrial agriculture sucks up 70 percent of the world’s fresh water supplies. To follow up that staggering number, the EPA estimates that 75 percent of all water-quality problems in America’s rivers and streams. Water polluted with agricultural runoff can destroy whole ecosystems and be toxic, if not lethal to humans and animals alike”(5 Ways Factory Farming is Killing the Environment by Kate last name N/A). if factory farms keep running their businesses then they will soon lead to all of our water sources being polluted and destroyed leaving us with no fresh clean water. Factory farms are damaging our environment to a point where it will not be able to be
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