Factory Farming Threats

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Is Factory Farming a threat to human health and the environment?
Today, people are creating alternative ways to improve our way of living. They came up with factory farming, which is a modern agricultural industry that mass produce animals for the purpose of supplying food/products for human needs. Factory farm sites holds large number of animals to be raised for food in a confined space in an area to minimize operation cost, and the mass production brings down the food prices as they could produce adequate amount of animals to meet the demand. However, except for supplying the needs of humanity and making much cheaper food. Factory farming is an unhealthy agricultural practice to both human and the environment. Factory farming contributed to serious pollution problems, the animal treatments are cruel and it has affected the business opportunity of traditional farms and its workers by occupying their markets. Factory Farming is a threat to human health and the environment, therefore the government should take action on it.

First of all, it affects human health and the environment. The food may be cheaper than organic farming, but it damages human health because the animals that produce the products (e.g. milk, eggs) does not eat natural/organic food/ give the organic . They are given a combination of additives to make them grow faster than the normal way. The chances are it lowers the quality of the products. The animals are not fed on a particularly healthy diet and often
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