Factory Farming Video Analysis

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Something I didn’t consider was the way they treat animals that literally feed the world. After watching the video I was shown, I was shocked and couldn’t believe the way they treated animals. It’s horrible the way people can do that to living animals with no hesitation. After watching and reading these facts about the conditions that animals are forced to endure on factory farms you might be displeased to learn that 99% of all of the meat that is sold in the United States comes from factory farms. What is Factory Farming? A factory farm is a large, industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Over 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms, which focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of animal…show more content…
Calves born of dairy cows are not even allowed to drink the milk that their mother produces, ironically, that milk is for human consumption only. Get this, more than 80% if antibiotics that are used in the United States are fed to livestock. These factories farmed animals are forced to live in such inhumane and disgustingly dirty conditions, these antibiotics are needed -and in large quantities to try and keep the animals healthy. Because newborn calves that are male are not useful to the dairy industry and are considered a by-product. The male calves are kept in crates that are no more that 30 inches wide and 72 inches long. Most cows are still alive while being slaughtered, Which in my point is heartbreaking. Approximately 250 cows are killed every hour at the typical beef slaughterhouse. Because workers are in a rush to stay on schedule and kill such a large number of animals in such a short period of time, the animals are often treated rather cruelly. Moreover, the turnover rate at slaughterhouses is so high that there are a lot of new, inexperienced technicians who cannot properly sedate cows, among other things. Although cattle are supposed to be rendered unconscious before being killed, workers frequently do not successfully "stun" the animals. As a result, conscious, struggling cows are hung upside down. Their throats are then
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