Factory Owner During The Holocaust: Oskar Schindler Jews

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Oskar Schindler was a factory owner during the Holocaust and he was also a participant in the Nazi party. Although he was a member of the Nazi party, Schindler grew to care and later save the Jews that worked in his factory. These Jews were later referred to as “Schindler Jews” because he saved over 1000 Jews. There are many ways that Schindler was depicted, some kind and others not so kind. In the movie, “Schindler's List”, Schindler is seen as a hero for helping and saving Jews, which is the right way to picture him as. “Oskar could easily have closed his Krakow operations and retreated westward with the profits he had already made. Instead, he chose to risk his life and his money to save as many Jews as he could,” (Forbes 2014). Schindler
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