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Fracking: The New Energy Rush “Fracking is taking place from sea to shining sea” was a quote used within the documentary that stuck out to me. Prior to this documentary, I had no previous knowledge on the subject; the video made me anxious to learn. Fracking is when a crane goes down approximately two miles underground, which leads to it turning horizontally. After the crane goes horizontally, water, sand, and chemicals are released. This causes breaks and cracks throughout the rocks, causing shale gas to occur. The gas is trapped within rocks in the depth of the undergrounds. Now, fracking is a debated topic where everyone either wants this energy rush or they have no positive attitudes towards it. When I first heard that fracking is a debated topic, I did not understand why people would not like it. I quickly figured it did not affect individuals,…show more content…
First, people are becoming afraid of fracking. This has occurred because fracking was done in the area, but soon after everyone within the area became ill after drinking the water. Another negative about fracking is the companies are reluctant to tell what the exact chemicals are used. I found this suspicious because individuals deserve to know what is happened under and/or around their land. The final negative about fracking is the amount of methane found in water that was around an area where fracking was taking place. The amount of methane was 85%, which is very alarming but can be due to the structures of the wells. When I heard this during the video, I wondered if other places without fracking were tested. Overall, I enjoyed viewing this documentary. I do not have an exact view on fracking, but I am leaning towards the positive aspect. I plan to do more research to answer a few questions I have such as has fracking taken place anywhere without a water issue. I also wonder if citizen will ever be informed on what chemicals are used within the

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