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What was Hurricane Katrina? Hurricane Katrina was the largest and 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in the United States. Katrina first made landfall on August 29, 2005 and struck the Gulf Coast of the United States. Hurricane Katrina was first announced as a Category 3 hurricane and with time it soon grew into a Category 5 hurricane. The beginning Category 3 hurricane sustained winds of 100-140 mph and stretched about 400 miles across. The hurricane itself dealt much damage but the afterwards flooding is what caused the most damage in the United States. Experts estimate that Hurricane Katrina caused more than $100 billion in damages. What is a storm surge? A storm surge is the rising of the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm. Storm surges usually result in flooding in…show more content…
After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans it took FEMA a total of 14 days to finally drop food and water to any survivors. If FEMA would have came earlier than they did they could have prevented deaths from injured people and it would have made their agency look better knowing that they were there on time to help with survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Who is Michael Brown? Michael D. Brown was the chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Michael Brown was released as the chief of FEMA after the agency took two weeks to finally get help to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Now 10 years later Michael Brown left government work and became a author and also a radio talk show host. Micheal Brown 's career will always be blemished by those who survived Hurricane Katrina both inside the New Orleans Saints Super dome and those who survived on their own after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. When was the New Orleans Saints Super Dome

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