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Sex offenders, typically male, but can be female, about 25% of child victimizers were 40 years old or older. 71% of male offenders are under the age of 35. Most studies we found only dealt with statistics about whites, African Americans, and Latinos. White sex offenders are found to have a closer relationship with their victim, and are more likely to use force. African American offenders are more likely to engage in vaginal rape and become more violent with their victims. Latino offenders are more likely to victimize their stepdaughters. About 80% of offenders have a normal intelligence or above. A sex offender can be male or female and hold any kind of job. Along with where they come from, a sex offender can find a victim anywhere around…show more content…
If sex offenders are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is much harder for them to receive help from treatment centers because many of the programs cannot take in sexual offenders. Also, they may face a hardship when it comes to finding a job, because many places will not hire people who have a felony. Sex offenders will also have a hard time finding a place to live because a landlord can refuse to let the offender rent from them. They also have to be a certain distance away from any schools, playgrounds etc.
Some risk factors for drug use found with sex offenders include; family history of addiction, being a male, mental health disorders, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Some risk factors for drug abuse found in sex offenders include; brain damage, HIV, AIDS, and other sexual transmitted diseases, lung disease and cancer.
The use of a substance can have a great impact on the offender. The offender can develop many problems with substance abuse and that could greatly affect their self mentally and physically. Substance abuse can greatly affect the offender’s family. The abuse can hurt the relationship between the offender and their loved ones, and drive them away. The offender’s substance abuse can also affect the community; it puts the community’s residents at risk for their safety and
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In an ideal world there should be treatment facility that deals with sex offenders alone and their potential substance abuse. This way there is a chance for the offender to get the help they need and will be guaranteed a place for treatment and they will not be turned away. There should also be a way during treatment that allows them to find resources to “win back” others found in their family and the community.
We believe that the best addiction model that fits sex offenders is the biopsychosocial model because the substance abuse could be an innate part of the genetic make-up, it could also have been a way to deal with past issues or memories; to relieve psychological pain. Finally the abuse could also be from the social aspect of the model because substance abuse is a fairly common thing most are surrounded by on a daily basis, and that could be seen as “if everyone else can do it, then I can do

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