Facts About Tornadoes

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You are in the bathroom covering your head scared to death. Your mom is yelling at your dad, to go and get pillows and blankets. You put all the yelling behind you and you start to think about things. How does tornados form? What is it made up of? What do i do? A tornado looks like a funnel in the sky from far away. Usually Tornado’s will get about 0.6 miles wide. The widest it has gotten before is 2.6 in 2013. Some tornadoes can last on the ground for 10 minutes, or just for a minute. Sometimes tornadoes can last for 30 minutes to an hour or more than an hour. Most of the time a tornado gets 3 to 5 miles tall. The tallest it has gotten before is 7 miles. Tornadoes form in a very interesting way. Mainly tornadoes form from thunderstorms. The tornadoes form when warm air and cold air mix. The warm moist air comes from the Gulf of Mexico and the cold air comes from Canada. When they get mixed together they create an instability in the atmosphere. Tornadoes mainly occur in the U.S. They are common in the plains of North America east of the Rocky…show more content…
First you need to make sure that you have a safe spot. Before a tornado you need to know how you would get to your safe spot. You need to make sure that if you have children you need to be sure they know what to do when a tornado happens. Before a tornado happens prepare a supplies kit for everybody. Make sure there is a first aid kit, bottled water, canned food, and a can opener, and more clothing. During a tornado you need to go to your safe spot. If you are out in a field and a tornado is coming to you, do not try to outrun it. If you are in your car and a tornado comes, get out, go in the ditch and over your head. After a tornado happens check to see if anybody is hurt but before you do check to see if anybody is hurt, check to see if you are hurt. If you are outside watch out for
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