Importance Of Ethics In Nursing

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Ethics use factual knowledge and values to consider and determine the right or wrong decision. A. What are ethics in the nursing field. 1. Ethics are how we ought to treat each other. People are not always prone to helping each other and ethics are there to ensure that this happens to the best of the nurse’s ability. When a person is in need of medical help that person depends on a nurse to be able to help them in their time of need. In some cases, it can be the smallest thing such as a hug to resuscitation to bring that person back to life. 2. Ethics are how we ought to act. Nurses are instilled to behave accordingly and professionally, they are expected to treat people with kindness and respect. A nurse must take oaths saying that they will act in accordance to their guidelines and respect their self in public settings. Patients do not want a nurse that comes into their room screaming and cussing at their loved ones or the patient. 3.…show more content…
Ethics are what we ought to do. Nurses have many hard decisions that must be made to insure the best interest of the patient. These decisions must be made by knowing the difference in right and wrong and the repercussions of those decisions. Ethics help make those hard choices easier by showing the nurse the correct path to take. 4. Nurses take oaths to act ethically for the best interest of the patient. The oaths that are taken help to ensure that all bases are covered when hard decision arise. People want to know that the nurses that are taking care of their loved ones know how to make the decisions concerning their family. The oaths that are set in place help lead and guide that nurse to ensure she makes the correct choice for each individual person. B. Ethics are needed in the nursing
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