Factuality In News Discourse Essay

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How do words create a factuality in news discourse? In news we use different words,devices,verbs,idoms and clauses to clarify and convey message to the readers or viewers.Both print and electronic media aim at crate some factuality for the mass people. News is not a reflection of reality.It is just a construction of ideas that helps to clearify the fact.Factuality is a linguistic device that established on language uses in the media.Factuality itself a noun but when a newsman uses different words to establish his news from his personal point of view then it turns into “Fact”(V). For Example: “In a so called gun fire two people were killed and another person took his last breath on the way to hospital that assured by a reliable source” These clauses and words create an environment of factuality. Modal Auxiliaries: Modal auxiliaries like may,might,will,would,shall,should,can,could etc are also responsible for establishing factualities. “It may rains today”,“A cyclone can hit the…show more content…
It can classify from different angles— Political Impacts: “Govt. plotting to give away Bangladesh’s control: Khaleda” দেশের সুশাসন আজ “গুলিবিদ্ধ” এরশাদ। “Trump would sink US economy: Clinton”. When a political party or leader gives such type of statement, it creates a negative impression and image of the mass people against the opposite parties. Psychological Impacts: When an audience or a child sees a movie, song, drama or a picture which is not suitable for them.It also creates a psychological impact. After seeing an action movie or cartoon children try to copy the scene or the action that they observed on the screen. Especially cartoon characters or scene should be maintained a strong rules and laws. Director always should be concerned about the scene or choosing action because children try to copy it. Suicidal scene and adult contents create a negative psychological impact on the human minds as well. Socio-economical

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