Fad Diet: Weight Watcher's Diet

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Fad Diet: Weight Watcher’s In the year 2010, 54% of adults noted that they were participating in a fad diet including the Weight Watcher’s diet (Health Research Funding, 23 Exceptional Fad Diet Statistics). The Weight Watcher’s diet was originated from a 214-pound woman who was living an unhealthy lifestyle and wanted to lose weight. She then discovered the diet that is based on “...empathy, rapport and mutual understanding.” (GB Healthwatch, Weight Watcher’s Diet). Today, the Weight Watcher’s diet concentrates on several areas including making wise food choices, getting regular exercise and finding a supportive environment to help you endorse a healthier lifestyle. It is designed to help you learn how to eat healthier and become more…show more content…
One of the limitations being providing too much freedom to eat from whatever you desire which may be too tempting for some. It is completely possible to use all your Points Plus on unhealthy foods that will obstruct from the weight loss process. For those dieters, weight loss plans that offer strict eating guidelines may be more effective, as it leaves less room for temptation. The Weight Watcher’s diet has both a positive and negative effect on society. It has an affirmative effect on society as the Weight Watcher’s encourages dieters to track their own calories and physical activity, making them more aware of their food and exercise habits, which would conventionally lead to long-term habits (Brown 6). This would have an effect on society as it allows the participants to improve their quality of life. A negative effect that Weight Watcher’s has to society is that it can be rather costly for some people who may not be able to afford the food regime. This acts as a restraint on their spending which affects society as a whole. When joining the diet you have to pay a registration fee to join the program, and there is a weekly meeting fee that varies by location that acts as a burden to some dieters (Pelt, Pros & Cons of Weight Watchers Diet). Having said the following, the Weight Watcher’s diet adverse effect on society as it…show more content…
For instance, the Weight Watcher’s diet includes weekly gatherings where you meet with group of people who are also employing the same diet. In the gathering, you get to talk and listen about experiences with weight loss specifically by the Weight Watcher’s diet. Furthermore, a past Weight Watcher’s participant who was successful with battling their weight issues leads each meeting. The group gathering provides motivation as well as inspiration to continue further with the diet as you hear the journeys of others who are facing the same weight loss issues as you. To some, this aspect of the diet is helpful as it provides them with an opportunity to receive motivation by hearing others speak regarding their weight loss journeys as well as allowing them to ask for advice and insight. On the other hand, to others this might act as a disadvantage to people who want to pursue the weight watchers diet, that will feel uncomfortable by sharing information about their current weight loss journey with to some degree strangers and can give them unnecessary pressure that they are trying to avoid (Pelt, Pros & Cons of Weight Watchers Diet). However, for such individuals, the Weight Watcher’s diet also features online tools that have similar
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