Faded Memory Reflection

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Exploring the literal and symbolic use of reflections and how these link with memory and past influences in my two works Faded bones and Ancestral Memory The word ‘Reflection’ can mean many things, among these are sending back or mirroring (as in the return of light, heat, sound or energy from a surface); an image seen in a mirror or shiny surface; and serious or careful thought. I have explored both the contemplative aspect as well as the play of light through my works Faded bones and Ancestral Memory I began by going back to the ancient Greeks. The philosopher Plato saw all of life as a reflection - we are all in a cave with our back to the fire and the life we live is actually just a shadow of reality dancing on the walls.1. (https://www.collegeofidaho.edu/academics/general-information/c-i-honor-code/philosophy-code). This got me thinking about how life is just a reflection of our past ancestory.…show more content…
Water particularly became an area of main exploration because of the way the light reflected and refracted things. All my childhood my dad would take me to rock pools high in the mountains where we would swim nude in the cold water. This is such a positive, fresh tantalising memory that I began just exploring the literal interpretation of reflections on water surfaces - I enjoyed looking at how to capture dappled light underwater. My parents have taken such lovely pictures of deep clear pools in all our mountain trips, with the bodies or rocks distorted beneath the surface. In xxx I experimented with light reflecting on the surface of the water in a sea cave and how it shimmers on the rocks and other
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