Fads And Fashion In The 1960's

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1960’s Fads and Fashion According to Google fashion is “A popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior”. Starting in the 1960’s fashion became much more that a word in a dictionary. The 1960’s fashion may seem boring, but actually quite the topic. You should concentrate while reading, not just to get a good understanding of 1960’s fads and fashion, but it will also help you realize how much it feeds into our fashion today. It was a time of craze, a time to be remembered. People of the 1960’s wanted a change from their formal clothes, so, they decided to experiment. From their experiments, people came up with a completely new selection of styles which show character and are acknowledged in our fashion today.…show more content…
Just like the men, womens fashion in the 60’s are what really influences us today. Many different styles they had then are coming back today. Examples are; high waisted jeans, mini skirts, and statement jewelry. Fashion then really skyrocketed when the model twiggy helped inaugurate the newly made miniskirt with her thin figure (Connikie 7). Off a branch of the miniskirt “A-line mini dresses were also popular during the 1960’s. A-line dress was designed in many fabrics, colors, and patterns and is a style still frequently seen today”(Vintage Clothing Guide: 1960s Fashion). Statement sleeves and collars started to grow in the world of fashion and was soon seen in a variety of other styles too. Women in the 60’s could wear a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials. They could wear anything from a miniskirt, to the newer sports clothes. From the sixties till now, women's fashion has still shaped our fashion…show more content…
People needed something different from the “same old same old” so they made their own changes to satisfy their demands. This was a time where fashion was a big statement for everyone so people would often try to look their absolute best. Along with looking their best, people wanted to express their feelings and show character. Paying attention to 60’s fashion is a good idea. You may never know when an old style may be brought back to the table. Many people would love to recreate the 1960’s fashion choices because it has so much impact on us, but the time of fascinating trends and signature styles has left us. So wave good-bye to the 1960’s and hello to the future of

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