Fae Myenne Ng: A Person's Life

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Fae Myenne Ng was a first generation Chinese-American. Being in a family that immigrated to the United States after it was finally allowed, influenced her writing. Fae’s writing brought light to the Chinese-American culture and the struggles they must face in a country founded upon freedom. Primarily, Fae’s biographical background greatly influenced her writing; she moved to the United States at a very young age. The adjustment for this alternate environment considerably changed her views on life (Michaelson). The life she lived in China was completely different from the life she began to take on in San Francisco. Although Fae’s family and her had ample opportunities to make a name for themselves in the United States, it was still hard for her to turn her back on her hometown and as well as her other family members. When she moved to the states with her 2 sisters and mother, they were unaware of the extreme culture shock they would face. In addition to the culture shock, they would then face a traumatizing death in the family. “Fae Myenne Ng was devastated when her sister, Ona, killed herself by jumping from the thirteenth floor of a building while on drugs.” (Santiego)…show more content…
During her time there, she had to pay off her tuition by herself because her mother did not have the money for it (Christian). In order for Fae to pay the tuition, she was forced to obtain multiple jobs. Going to college and keeping up with more than one job was difficult for her. However, Fae did manage to pay her dues and graduate college. After finishing college, Fae decided that she would write a book to inform people about her struggles and who she is as a person. The book, Bone, was based upon her childhood and the financial and social challenges they faced. Fae Myenne wrote about the unimaginable success she was able to reach and they path that lead up to it
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