Fahrenheit 421 Essay On Technology

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Ray Bradbury is a renowned author famous for his short science fiction stories and his novel "Fahrenheit 421". His works have inspired many and raised numerous questions about what the future may hold. He's quoted as saying "I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it." (Bradbury), and in many ways you can see the motif of this mindset in his work. He goes into detail about the dangers of reliance on technology, the ways it could result in our downfall as societies and people. He passed away in 2012 yet his stories live on and remain significant, not only as relics in history, but as reminders of what we've become and what we may be moving toward if we're not careful. In today's world its hard to go too far without seeing somebody wrapped up in something as simple as a…show more content…
"We guarantee nothing." (Sound of Thunder) is the response one character gets when he asks if he'll survive a hunting trip back in time. The operators know how to use a time machine, but not what using it could cause. They understand the possibility of changing history but not how to totally prevent doing so. In "There Will Come Soft Rains" there was a nuclear holocaust prior to the story's events. This could have been prevented by just not having such overly powerful weapons, but the risks of them weren't taken into account. This example especially is nearing reality, and while it was written during a time of war, the relevance is coming back in 2016 while North Korea gains ownership of nuclear weapons. Though technology isn't always to blame. Tens of thousands of people are injured every year by something as seemingly harmless as a ladder simply because of not checking the directions or the maximum load. With that said, technology can be even more of an enabler for more people to hurt themselves, both physically and mentally. Perhaps even scarier is that in the case of technology the damage happens slowly
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