Fahrenheit 451: A Literary Analysis

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Books have been around since the development of writing and the creation of paper, so for a long time now. Beatty from Fahrenheit 451 says that readers can’t benefit anything useful from books. “...take my word for it, I’ve had to read a few [books] in my time, to know what I was about, and the books say nothing! Nothing you can teach or believe. They’re about nonexistent people, figments of imagination…” (59). He's saying that he’s read many books and hasn't learned from them, he says that they're just fake characters. Animal Farm uses animals to portray that intelligence/power can corrupt a society. Fahrenheit 451 shows that the banishment of books can lead to a vacuous society. Even though books are based off of non existent characters…show more content…
The lesson shown in this story is that power can corrupt a society. Old Major, the wisest pig, says that after he dies the animals should rebel against the farmer and start their own government so that every animal can be happy and be equal. Old Major dies, a new leader must be chosen. Two pigs (Napoleon and Snowball) decide to be leaders and try to get the animals’ votes. Napoleon sends the guard dogs to attack Snowball, after that he runs away and doesnt come back.. Napoleon then become ruler, and is said to be a very good, wise pig. Napoleon knows that he has all the power because the pigs are the wises animals on the farm, being considered wise, every animal did what he said This is where the power goes to bad use and messes up the whole farm, the main reason that they overthrew the human owner was because of the way he treated the animals and the way he ran the farm, Old Major wanted ever animal to be equal. Since . Napoleon and the other pigs were breaking their own rule that they made and adjusting them to their benefit. They started to have human like characteristics, killing other animals that were in no stable condition, overworking animals. One animal spoke up and was killed, so everyone was scared about Napoleon and his “crew”.The most important law was four legs good, two legs bad, which later was changed to four legs good two legs better. So he screwed up the whole farm, nothing improved, maybe it just got…show more content…
The lesson in Animal Farm goes for the government because they show how power can cause corruption. And anyways most, if not all books have a lesson. When you finish reading a book you’ll always end up have more knowledge than from
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