Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Asking one to choose a single novel to save from the censors or ‘FIREMEN’ of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is a concept that is synonymous with asking a parent to only save one of his children from a house fire. There would be a plethora of stories lost and forgotten with the flames, each with its own theme and characters that would no longer have an impact on the world. However, in a society crowded with imbecile leaders and an inclination towards violence I consider Erich Maria Remarque’s work All Quiet on the Western Front a necessity to rescue from the clutches of the censors is. The work that was hated and burned by the Germans during World War II is a tale that gives an accurate account of atrocities committed during times of conflict, portraying the true horrors of war. In conjunction with depicting virtually palpable scenes of warfare, the book reveals the emotions and thoughts of the soldiers on the battlefield, making the work a potent asset for an anti-war propaganda machine. Subsequently, the narrative also alludes to the feelings soldiers have after returning home, which would help one understand the pain and burdens combatants endure within their own psyche. The story is told through the eyes of protagonist Paul Baumer, a young man that enlist in the military with his classmates, as he embarks on an escapade that would prove to be more costly than expected. It gives an actual account of what is happening on the front and in Paul’s head, which can help deter

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