Fahrenheit 451

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Asking one to choose a single novel to save from the censors or ‘FIREMEN’ of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is a concept that is synonymous with asking a parent to only save one of his children from a house fire. There would be a plethora of stories lost and forgotten with the flames, each with its own theme and characters that would no longer have an impact on the world. However, in a society crowded with imbecile leaders and an inclination towards violence I consider Erich Maria Remarque’s work All Quiet on the Western Front a necessity to rescue from the clutches of the censors is. The work that was hated and burned by the Germans during World War II is a tale that gives an accurate account of atrocities committed during times of conflict, portraying…show more content…
It gives an actual account of what is happening on the front and in Paul’s head, which can help deter conflict by knowing what actually goes through a person’s mind during a massive conflict. For example, on a mission, the battalion was assigned Albert, one of Paul’s friends, and Paul were both injured and had to be escorted to a hospital. At the hospital, they encounter more soldiers that were injured as well and Albert eventually had his leg amputated. Prior to the removal of his leg, Albert confessed his feelings that if the leg came off he would take his own life and after the amputation while Albert initially didn’t kill himself he didn’t act like himself. The operation changed him and he became miserable and suffered his own hell, similar to other patients at the hospital. During the rest of Paul’s time at the hospital, many people come and go, and on one occasion a man who exhibited deranged behavior after being injured was transported into the same room as Albert and Paul. On one occasion, he even attempted to stab himself with a fork to take away all the pain and madness. The time at the hospital is just one of many examples of the men viewing horrific scenes and experiencing horrid actions. By knowing these truths it can help end the glorification of war and give to the people the facts versus what one is spoon-fed by politician and
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