Fahrenheit 451 And Feed: A Comparative Analysis

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The books, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and Feed by M.T. Anderson, each describes a dystopian future where technology is dominant, and literature is close to extinction. In these futures, technology causes humans to dumb down. While societies strict social standards creates each person to be similar to one another, allowing groups to be manipulated easier. The books have a similar theme; don 't let technology get out of control. In Fahrenheit 451 's future, technology overtakes literature and human interaction, and people rely on their TV for entertainment and daily news. Reading and engaging their minds is found upon, while watching TV or playing a sport is encouraged. In this society wall TVs are the main source of life. A wall TV, puts the user in a world generated for them, consequently this requires to not engage their mind in learning, or learn about new problems occurring. In the book the wall TVs become the main source of thinking in a person 's day, “will you turn your parlor…show more content…
Feed describes a society where computers are implanted into a person 's head. The feed constantly advertises products, and can do most task the user requires. The feed helps use the least amount of thinking as possible, and solves problems instantly. The message in this book, is to let technology take away our intellect and control us. In their society, most songs, books, and anything with words become very basic and easy to look at so people don 't have to think hard, and will spend money. The feed can be related to our smartphones, our generation uses smartphones for almost everything. It is slowly causing us to talk with more slang and dull down our brains, but it would take a very long time for anything like the feed to happen. Dystopian literature serves a big purpose when it comes to future generations and can help prevent certain disasters from happening. These novels shouldn 't be looked at as something that could not happen, but as a possibility of
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