Fahrenheit 451 And Hunger Games Comparison

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Fahrenheit 451 is one of the most popular dystopian novel ever made. It was made by Ray Bradbury and read by over five million people. The story revolves around a man, Guy Montag. He’s a fireman in his society which varies greatly from ours. In his society firemen don’t put out fires but make fire’s, they burn own people’s houses along with all their belongings if they’re even suspected of the possession books. Later it is revealed he has been stealing book’s, never reading them. He has isn’t like the others in his society and eventually read the book’s in hopes of finding out why there’s a ban. He later goes on the run and escaped his pursuers. In his cautionary novel against censorship he looks at the possibilities of a society without books.
The Hunger Games is a novel about a dystopian society controlled completely by the government. The people are separated into something called district’s. Each district has unique features. For example, district 4’s economy is based primarily on fishing and other such activities, while district 8’s economy is based on agriculture. There are a total of twelve districts, all completely controlled by the government. Their government as a punishment for the rebellion done so many years
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Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games are both ruled by an oppressive government in a futuristic society. In Fahrenheit 451 the government keeps the people in check by using the power of ignorance. They purposely make sure the people’s only source of outside knowledge is through technology they control, TV. They take extreme measures when the people are not compliant and burn their house down along with property. The Hunger Games government on the other hand take a more direct approach in their attempts to make the people ignorant. The people from most districts are kept in the dark and need to work hard to survive, along with having to send a total of twenty four children to slaughter each other like
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