Fahrenheit 451 Argumentative Analysis

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Entertainment has sure changed from the 1900s to 2016. Apple watches, Smart TV’s, the Galaxy 6 edge, all these iphones, etc. If you think about it technology has changed so much these past years. As I was reading Fahrenheit 451 there was a quote that said “more sports for everyone, group spirit”. However, my question is do people really even do that stuff anymore? maybe very few people do, but if you look around everyone is glued to their cell phones. I mean people still go out with friends, but half of the time they aren’t doing whatever it is they’re doing, why? Because their busy tweeting, snapchatting, or posting statuses on Facebook saying “I’m having so much fun with my friends”. Are they really having fun though? Because if that was me, I would be enjoying my time with friends and set my phone aside. According to Google the definition of entertainment is, the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. However, my own definition of entertainment would be the use any technology device.

So far after looking at what I have read in Fahrenheit 451 it looks like technology is given the power of human emotion. In part two of Fahrenheit 451 I remember seeing a part where someone asks “will you turn the parlour off”’, then they replied with “that’s my family”.
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Throughout the book it seemed like people were being mentally controlled by the TV Walls and the broadcasted commercials. Also Mildred interacts with her living room that’s why she insisted to Montag that they put in a fourth wall. To me it seemed like she was completely brainwashed. Some of the technology that is used in Fahrenheit 451 is similar to what we have today like the interactive games, sports, television, and internet. Just like Mildred interacts with her TV wall we humans have many technology devices like phones, computers, video game consoles, tablets, etc. that have a virtual
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