Fahrenheit 451 Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay Isaiah LaTurner Killing people isn’t good, but people fight wars and kill people to sustain a way of life, continue to survive and protect their family. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, there is a future where people are dragged down by technology and are like mindless sheep shuffling through life. This is sustained by censorship and limiting people 's knowledge, the government burns books and censors what people see on TV or listen to through their seashells, they use firemen to do this and censor everything. Montag, the main character, is a fireman and he begins to realize that the way of life that he lives in is severely flawed and starts to retaliate against society and asks help from an old friend named Faber. Beatty, the man that goes up against Montag, is also Montag 's fire captain, later in the story Montag kills Beatty to survive. Now, Montag murdered Beatty and that is against the law, but Montag has been justified in burning Beatty, it was either Montag or Beatty, if Montag didn’t kill Beatty it seemed Beatty would kill him. Montag had also trying to protect himself and Faber, Beatty had wanted to die anyway. Montag was already in trouble, by burning Beatty he gave him a second chance to escape and run to sustain his way of life. Montag killed Beatty and was justified in this action, because he was protecting himself and Faber. Montag knew that he was going to jail and if he got caught he knew Faber would be too. He knew
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