Fahrenheit 451 Artifact Analysis

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My artifact is about a book I read called Fahrenheit 451 and We had to pick a theme or character to talk about and analyze their changes throughout the book. What I learned through the essay is that you need to revise your work all the time to catch your mistake and you have to be patient to find these mistakes. The main idea in my essay was to show Montag change of talking about books throughout many event that captured Montag to change his feeling towards books. It shows that people can change throughout time when they have motivation and help with them. We were assigned this artifact because the way how the book progress and the message in the book stating that we are paying attention more to media then books. Analyze is to review over what you read and see if there any changes of feeling or tone throughout the book and what is the message the book is trying to tell you.…show more content…
What I learned that certain events may occur and it will change your thought over something. The steps I had to take was to write a outline overview of what my essay was going to be like and think about the argument and claims I had to pick to support it and find quotes in the book that support my claims. We had to do timed essay about are theme of the essay were going to on. The way we wrote the essay was in TIED format because it would be easier to introduce the claim and back it up with evidence and finally discuss what it means. The leadership skill I used was to complete project effectively because I had to concentrate what I was writing about. The core value I used was Engaged Scholar because I asked for help from others to read over my essay to check if there was any grammar
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