Fahrenheit 451 Be Banned Analysis

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When most people are asked if they are willing to die for their beliefs or ideas, they become frightened to where they stop believing in their beliefs and ideas and follow other people’s thoughts. I’m different when it comes to that. I am willing to perish for my ideas and beliefs I follow. Such as, I am willing to die for the idea of “reincarnation” and the moral, “there is no good or bad, only right and wrong.” It sorta like how Montag is willing to die for the thought of why books got banned. Though even though I won’t perish for believing in my beliefs, Montag could get killed for it because of the type of world he lives in. That can cause fright amongst people, especially with Faber. Faber stopped reading and he tried to keep his visions…show more content…
I’m afraid to say opinions cause I fear i’ll be judged for it. My friends like to sporadically judge people for what they surmise in or what they think and it hurts on occasions. That’s why I panic slightly when sharing opinions, but because of this essay, I will come clean with what I believe. I am a believer in reincarnation. I presume when people expire, they don’t go to a heaven or hell. I imagine we get reincarnated whether we do wrong or rights. Even though I fancy in a God, I somewhat follow Buddha’s teachings in which they believe in finding enlightenment.This can also help serve with the moral I follow. With the teaching of Buddha, They are trying to reach enlightenment by doing the rights more than the wrongs. It sorta helps each other. Though my visions may be different from those of the characters in Fahrenheit 451, I feel that we aren’t too far from the same thing. Though I’m the opposite of Clarisse when it comes to speaking, I’m pretty much like Faber and Montag due to wanting to stand for what I believe but sometimes being fearful to share it. So when it comes down to if I am willing to die for my Ideas, I will be nervous, but my nervousness will cause me to be brave and that is the point where I’m willing to die for my thoughts or
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