Fahrenheit 451 Beatty Analysis

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 Beatty is killed by Montag. To understand this event we need to understand what 's happened. Beatty addresses Montag on the dangers of books. Beatty makes Montag feel intimidated. In his hand is a flamethrower at this time. Beatty questions Montag about the books he had kept. Montag doesn 't answer and Beatty hits him, it knocks the radio from his ear, picking it up Beatty says he will have to trace it and, "drop in on your friend". Montag feels threatened and angry with Beatty. Montag loses it and switches the safety snap on the flamethrower and kills Beatty. Montag is justified in killing Captain Beatty. The first rationalization of how and why Montag is justified in killing captain Beatty. First thing is first, Faber was protected by Montag. To understand this issue we need to look at the dispute. Before the incident, Beatty was poking at Montag. Montag is asked by Beatty “why do you think the hound was around”, I knew all along. Keep in mind that Montag feared the mechanical hound. Therefore Beatty breaks the news to Montag about the hound which alarmed Montag. Later when Montag makes the scene at his house, Beatty summons to contest Montag telling him he is ordered to burn down his own house. A bit after Beatty starts to strong arm Montag and imperiling Faber. Beatty tells Faber he is going to trace Faber. So then Faber questions Montag by asking him “Can’t you run, get away?” Montag replies, “No, the hound! Because of the hound!
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