Fahrenheit 451 Beatty Quotes

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Beatty 's motives were to protect himself from higher powers, revealing that people will do almost anything to protect themselves or people they love. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, after driving to Montag’s house, Beatty asked him to burn it down. Some would say that this was Beatty’s challenging Montag or that Beatty was doing right and protecting himself. However if Beatty had not taken the calls and burned Montag 's home down, he would have had consequences for disobeying the rules. The government in the book had been brainwashing their citizens into believing books were bad for society and were constantly distracting them. Beatty had also tried to protect Montag, by warning him that he only had one day to burn the book. Proving that Beatty is justified in telling Guy Montag to burn his house down Starting off, Beatty was doing his job when telling Montag to burn his house down and if he were to let Montag go then Beatty would have had to suffer the consequences. Montag…show more content…
Both Beatty and Martin Bormann had been brainwashed into believing or disbelieving in a particular topic. Beatty and the rest of society had been grown up only remember that books were bad and owning them would be a disgrace. However, there were some citizens in their society who disobey these rules which resulted in them getting ‘fixed’. After visiting Montag, Beatty had explained to him that they have lowered the kindergarten age year so they can catch just about every child and teach them at a young age. Lowering the kindergarten age, shows the different ways that the government tries to keep everyone from books keeping them from thinking for themselves. Beatty is just like the other citizens, he had been taught from a young age that books were bad and that is why he is doing his job now. Just like Beatty, Martin had learned that Jewish individuals were threats and bad for the society. So Martin was doing what he truly believed was right when joining the Nazi
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