Fahrenheit 451 Book Fire Analysis

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In the book fire gave individuals the power to eliminate what they thought was evil or a threat to them. On one faithful day Beatty decides to visit Montag and give Montag one of his usual speeches so Montag can stay away from books. During the speech Beatty quoted books that gave the history of firemen, he believed " A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it . Take the shot from the weapon"(58). Beatty always quoted books to torture Montag, so he can always be reminded of what he is doing is bad, and also why it was bad. In this quote Beatty is making Montag understand that books are the enemy, he compares them to a loaded gun. When Beatty says "Burn it . Take the shot from the weapon"(58), he meant that fire gives everyone the power to be able to eliminate the threat which was books, he thought that you're able to protect yourself, and also turn the situation around by taking away that power by burning.…show more content…
During the chaos of Montag committing murder he had Faber's shell in his ear, but in order to protect Faber he puts the shell in fire. According to Montag "Faber was back there in the seaming lump of tar that has no name or identity now. He had burnt Faber too"(34). Montag was very appreciative of all the things Faber had done for him , so the very least he could have done was to protect him from getting in trouble with the authorities. For the simple reason that he knew the consequence of what would have happened if Faber got caught, Montag threw the shell he was using to communicate to Faber into fire. Montag used to power fire gave him to protect Faber from the enemy which was the government, and everyone else who was against
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