Fahrenheit 451 Campaign Quotes

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The government has no right to take aways peoples natural rights of life. They would go out of their way to wipe out anything that contains knowledge, but specifically it was books they wanted to keep away. They let a woman commit suicide as they were standing before her due to her unwillingness to give up her books, something she truly believes in. Clarisse McClellan was hit by a car because thats what was acceptable in their society and the government did nothing to stop them but there is no length they wouldn’t go to if it meant keeping books away. They also forced Montag to burn down his house because he had books stashed away and his own wife turned him in. Therefore it wasn't unjust how the firemen invaded the old women's home, she just …show more content…

She did nothing wrong, just walking along the sidewalk and someone thought that she was in the way of their fun, so for fun they killed her, and that's what people did for good times in their society. It was never shown in the book that Clarisse was killed, only Mildred explained to Montag that Clarisse was dead, she showed no remorse for her either, it was just another thing for her to brush off her shoulder. "Why Didn't you tell me sooner? Forgot. Four days ago. I forgot about it." was all she could get out of her mouth. The government let this happen, they made it ok to run someone over, kids were never taught the difference between right and wrong, so when they grew up they could never teach their kids. Mussolini in World War 2 was raiding countries alongside Adolf Hitler and trying to get them out of his way so he could take control. Mussolini was supposed to guide Italy to a better life as a whole but he did what he wanted and in the end he didn’t get what he wanted. People were killed left and right because they had no morals, they did nothing just as the government did nothing in the …show more content…

The book showed that Montag was working like normal and never expected what was coming. He only thought he was going to do something he does every day, and he did but it was his own house. Montag wanted to understand the point of life and be happy but before he could figure it his entire world came crumbling down. Montag had no choice but leave everything he had behind because he had to burn it down. The government was wrong to take away what he had worked for his entire life, even though it was illegal to possess a book at this time. They are taking away rights that are written down in the constitutions, rights to think what you want to think and the freedom of religion. Montag had also had The Bible which was the one of the main books in Fahrenheit 451. The Fascist forced people out of their house and made them give up everything, they made them burn their books and if they didn’t, they would suffer serious consequences. They would be separated from their families and murdered or sent to work like slaves. They were forced out of their religion and they were not allowed to pray because to the fascist it was wrong, but it was people's safety net and it made them feel safe and secure knowing they had someone to rely

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