Fahrenheit 451 Censorship Examples

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- Censorship is the supression of speech, public communication, or other information which may be considered harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient established by authorities such as goverments for example. Throughout human history there has been a lot of censorships established by many goverments, emperors or rulers. Censorship of book, tv shows, or video games for example. In the book Fahrenheit 451, ther are examples of

censorhip in which i am going to explain and mention throught this essay using quotes.

- There are many types of censorships, including self- censorship, soft censorships, direct censorship, and of course regular censorhip. Censorships occur primary in involment with national security, obsenity control,
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This is done to protect children or sensitive people, or to promote or restrict political or religous groups. Throughout history, censorship has been used since ancient times, of course, in different shapes and forms as modern day censorships. Example s of old censorship could be for example an emperor or dictaror banning certain type of knowledge or ideas from another place in a book form for example. Now a days, censorship is a very impirtant part of society, especially with the introduction of the internet. Usually, we relate the word censorship with pornography or nudity. But actually there is much more than nudity in censorship. Censorship can be found in scary movie, gore related videos, strong language, use of alcohol and drugs and sexual content. We use categories and age restriction because of this matter, thican be found in video games, movies aswell as movie theaters, in music, videos, and even music. Of course not every country agrees excatly…show more content…
The first quote i choose is: "Burn all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean." It's said by captain Beatty in part 1 of the book. This quote is related to censorship because captain Beatty is refering to burning the book. He wanted to burn the books because in the novel books were prohibited and were send to burn by firefighters. In other words, they were censored. All types of books, poetry, biographies, history books, they were all banned so people were being denied the right of knowledge and information books contained. Also they were burning them because fire would destroy them completly, that why he said that fire was bright and clean, it would leave absolutley no trace of the book that once exsisted. The next quote i'm explaining is: "We are living in a time where flowers try to live on good flowers, instead of growing on good rain and black loam". This quote is from Faber in part 2 of the book. This quote is telling us that in their time, humans are living of the things and ideas are imposing to them by other humans usually authorities, and not from the rich knowledge their ancestors and knowledge provided. This is because of the banning of the books. Which relates to the same as the past quote, book censorship affected in many ways and aspects human society and ways of living in the
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