Fahrenheit 451 Censorship

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Depending on which way one may view a certain circumstance, everyone is a victim of censorship. Unwillingly volunteering our free thinking by a superior influence. Do people feel that we need to endure censorship? Over the course of the novel Fahrenheit 451, we see how censorship adapts one's behavior. The public are banned from owning or reading books, there are many reasons for why people are so averse towards books and submit to the government. Entertainment such as, tv and radio play a big part in why most people do not independently think for themselves.The biggest reason is the sensitivities towards the “offensive” opinions written in these books that makes people submit to the government's rules. This makes one either obey the authority…show more content…
On the other hand, there are new rules that are trying to make penitentiary’s “safer”, though adding specific approved “respectable” books for the prisoners to read and taking away their personal input on information. By restraining ones free state of mind and taking away the ability to learn for oneself will cause intolerant behaviors to submissify humanity's search for meaning.
In this dystopian society novel Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag is a firefighter whose job is not like a traditional firefighter. It is much more complex. Setting in the future, Guy sets fire to books, for it is against the law for anyone to own them. Everyone who follows the law and government does not read books, or enjoy nature or is even able to have indecent intelligent conversation. Almost everyone is extremely wrapped up in their own ignorant electronic world. Guy also doesn’t see anything wrong with his job until one day he is greeted by his young neighbor Clarice. She essentially makes him question his job and his joy for life. This is the first mark of him examining the emptiness of his life made by the government. Guy tries to explain to his tv indulanat wife the importance of reading, “And I
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