Fahrenheit 451: Censorship In The Modern World

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Emily Schugardt Mrs. Patterson 9/17/15 Fahrenheit 451 Essay In Fahrenheit 451, books are burned for the sake of censorship, as the ideas represented in books offended many people. Owning books is against the law, and if it is found that someone owns books, the firemen will come and burn them as well as the persons home, then proceed to send them to a mental institution. In the novel, minorities began the censorship movement by slowly condensing the information in books, and America’s society has problems with censorship as well, but it seems unlikely that the modern world will ever become as over-stimulated as the society in Fahrenheit 451, although America may be able to avoid this pitfall by valuing literature and the written word more, while lessening technology’s control over modern-day communities as well. To begin with, the minorities in the novel started the censorship movement out slow. “Classics cut to fit fifteen-minute radio shows, then cut to again to fill a…show more content…
Technology is quickly replacing conversations and education in the present world. Students would rather look it up on a search engine than learn it manually. People avoid conversation by hiding behind their cellphone screens, which is similar to Mildred in Fahrenheit 451, as she would rather be in the parlor with her digital family than talking to her own husband. Although, in today’s present-day society, people are not promoting censorship. Political symbols such as Donald Trump, who is commonly known for offending people but is still in the running this presidential election, proves this. Present-day society is not as sensitive to decisions and the written word as the society in Fahrenheit 451, but it is a possibility that America’s current society may evolve to become more technology-based, but it seems unlikely that it will adopt censorship in the
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