Fahrenheit 451 Censorship Quotes

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Alyssa Gennock Mrs. Fawcett Honors 1 Period 1 26 May 2023 What truly is knowledge, censorship or being an individual? If knowledge wasn't a common thing in our society today, would we resort to censorship to hide that fact or would others as a community work through the problem of knowledge? Fahrenheit 451, a book written by Ray Bradbury in his college library in 1953, is a Science Fiction novel that features a dystopian society. Some examples of parts that will be looked over and developed in body paragraph one are how Montag feels regret for his job, and questions what the job, and burning books truly means. Yet, relevant parts in the story that will be referenced in the body paragraph two, will contain information from when Montag opens …show more content…

The main point in paragraph one was how Montag deflects his changes and how his character changes from being a part of the ignorance and censorship to showing pity and remorse for it. This quote proves my point because showing the quote that Montag in the beginning of the novel is already beginning to pity and question what would happen if his personal belongings and home were burned down like he was doing to others. In paragraph 2, guilt and remorse is brought up once again, and talks about how Montag uses that guilt and remorse to show others his knowledge, what he can do with it, and what he plans on doing with it. This quote connects to the evidence that Montag uses his remorse to show other people knowledge because he is using the knowledge to read the books to people who could not understand nor find books and or knowledge in the society. Montag suffers a great amount of changes and efforts in the duration of the story. He makes great changes choosing his knowledge over the life he could’ve kept at home, in the city full of censorship. He chose to leave his life in the city behind him to spread knowledge to others, to run away from the life he had. Montag shows a connection to knowledge rather than ignorance because most characters in the book do not realize their ignorance because they do not realize how they’re being deceived. They do not care what books are about nor what knowledge is about. Yet Montag’s development in the book leads him to. Having to choose a side between knowledge and ignorance, based on your interest and willing to live on safety or completely and utterly on the edge. Montag chose to be on the dangerous side and chose his life with the

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