Fahrenheit 451 Chapter 1 Summary

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Only weeks after the city’s demise Montag, Granger, and the others regroup at the ruins to discuss the forming of a new civilization. Granger begins to lecture about how transparency and literary competence will form the groundwork of a great nation. He proposes that the group of scholars should work together improve the infrastructure the city ruins. Montag and the rest agree, but the dark, ominous clouds and haze still loom. The group disbands, but Montag stays along with Granger. Montag asks, “How do we ensure this society doesn’t go down the wrong path Granger?” Granger, with a smirk on his face, replies, “We are a group of scholars who have seen first hand how bad things can get without literature. Our demise won’t be in similar vain.…show more content…
“It’s nothing,” Montag quickly replies “I was meaning to ask you whether we should have people elected for certain positions under yourself?” “Hmmm. Possibly,” but before he could finish his thought something was ringing in his pocket. He quickly left after mentioning that it was important to Montag. Montag couldn’t fathom what could be of importance to Granger at this time. Montag thought something shady was going on, so he used his HPS (human positioning system) to locate where Granger had gone. He was deep into the forest. “What could he possibly be doing?” Montag thought to himself. To investigate, Montag slowly and quietly followed his trail to figure out what was up. He looks down at his HPS, but Granger seems to have vanished from it. Montag quickly came to the realization that something was up, so he retreated back to his coop to get his walkie-talkie. He figured he could intercept the signal with it. Rushing outside he turns it on changes a few settings on the device and success! He hears the faint sound of a conversation with Granger and someone dubbed Reltin. Reltin says, “If you burn the books and kill the people with knowledge of the books you’ll receive a handsome reward and a high position in our
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