Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis Essay

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A Psyche of the Impactful Characters of Fahrenheit 451 The novel Fahrenheit 451 brings to mind the technological obsession and the deficiency of interaction between human beings. The author, Ray Bradbury, fabricates a world where firefighters incinerate books of owners along with all their belongings instead of saving them, creativity and curiosity are forsaken, and books are illegal. Possessing any kind of book will result in the readers’ home and books to be burned, and then the owner will be placed in jail. With the drastic change of perspective on society through the help of a knowledgable person , the main character was able to go against the conformity of society. By examining the issues of the novel and the characters struggle to change people’s stance on knowledge, the…show more content…
The id represents “our instincts, and our libido, or sexual energy”(Tyson) that drives our carnal desires no matter what the person has been taught. Lastly, the ego is the “conscious self that experiences the external world through the senses” and is the balance between the id and the super-ego. With these lenses of the psyche, the reader will be able to detect the true meaning of the characters and society in Fahrenheit 451. Guy Montag is the dynamic character of the novel. Montag was a firefighter for ten years. He starts off by being a patriot of the law and “it was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten to see things blackened and changed.”(Fahrenheit 451 pg.1) books. He appears to be a follower, a conformist at first, but with the abrupt introduction of a very unorthodox girl “we’re most peculiar”(Fahrenheit 451 pg. 6) Montag was able to open his mind to other ideas. Her name is Clarisse McClellan. She
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