Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

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What begins the changes in Montag and what are the changes in him? In Ray Braudbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag undergoes major changes because of the influence of other intellects and events; in effect this caused him to ruminate about events that were considered “normal”. Montag’s occupation is firefighting, however he is not the traditional version of a fire fighter. Montag does not put out fire, but rather helps ignite them. This is considered ordinary within his society because they are not allowed to read books or have knowledge previous to this era. This law is enforced with such intensity because the government fears that knowledge in one’s mind will contribute to overthrowing whoever is in control or has the most power within the society. However this does not stop a few individuals (including Montag) to pose threats to the government by reading and by posing questions. Within the beginning of the novel, one of the major people that sparked a change in Guy Montag was the exquisitely observant Clarisse McClellan. She is different from all of the others in the society who like to head for a Fun Park to bully people around or break windowpanes in the Car Wrecker. She enjoys observing people, and she observes Montag, diagnosing him as a strange fireman. According to her, he is “not like the others” because when she talks, he looks at her, and when she talks about the moon he looks at it. This indicates a strong bond between the two characters because it is

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